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College Chefs:  The best food service for fraternities & sororities.

Who we are

College Chefs is a culinary company that serves food exclusively to sorority and fraternity students across the United States. Our Chefs are world-class talents whose backgrounds range from former restaurant owners to genuine, trained foodies who are just looking to break into the industry.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you – specifically, how we can get some delicious food on your plate. We employ the aforementioned Chefs to go into your sorority or fraternity’s house and prepare absolutely mouth-watering meals right in your kitchen! With us, you’ll never miss a meal (nor will you want to) as we supply all the food, labor, and management you’ll need to get started. In short, when you do business with College Chefs, your sorority or fraternity will house the best-fed Greeks and cleanest kitchens on campus.  Many companies make similar claims, but only College Chefs has a national presence AND ridiculously high customer retention rates (at or very near 100% year-in and year-out).

For students, it’s just like having a home-cooked meal, except in this instance your parents are world-famous culinary masterminds…and you have a ton of siblings. OK, it’s not really that much like having a home-cooked meal…it’s way better.

The reason it’s way better is largely because of our company’s beliefs about the importance of what we do. We believe that by serving the minds of tomorrow the best, freshest food we possibly can, we are doing our part to ensure their success during one of the most volatile, but formative periods of their lives.

House Directors, House Corporations, and parents can rest assured knowing we don’t just employ any old diner cook to go into your student’s house. Our team is comprised of award-winning, trained, professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that your students are beyond satisfied with the food on their plate and that the kitchens are spotlessly clean. And that’s true from the Chefs your Greeks interact with on a daily basis to their regional supervisors to the management staff – all the way up to the company’s owner Kevin Gadus.

We serve our delicious food to an ever-expanding list of clients all over the United States. Chances are if you’re interested in doing business with us, we can be on your campus in no time flat (if we’re not already there). If you’d like to learn more, try building your own meal plan here on our site to see what sorts of food options are available to you. Or find us on Facebook and have a look at pictures of our actual food. If you like what you see, give us a call, send us an email, or contact us on one of our social networks. We can’t wait to hear from you!