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College Chefs:  The best food service for Chefs, students, universities, and premier fraternities & sororities.

Who we are

We’ve all heard it before.  Crappy college food.  Burned out Chefs.  With no end to either problem in sight, something needed to change.

College Chefs Owner, Chef Kevin Gadus, was on a mission to revolutionize the Chef industry.  A company built for Chefs, by Chefs.  We get it.

In the beginning, Kevin Gadus was College Chefs.  Hustling around the University of Illinois in 2008, providing a one-man food service to a handful of Greek houses on campus.  Eventually, he crafted a system that provided him the ability to harness his passion and creativity for cooking, while still getting to spend nights, weekends, and holidays with his two daughters.  A dream come true.   

Today, College Chefs continues to revolutionize the industry, employing classically trained Chefs in Fraternities, Sororities and Student Housing Facilities across the United States.  College Chefs now extends coast to coast employing Rockstar Chefs and giving them the lifestyle that they crave. Cook your heart out during the day and live a balanced lifestyle on nights and weekends.  

We’re sick and tired of seeing college students have no choice other than to eat processed food.  College Chefs is pushing the envelope and making sure our students are served homemade, fresh, from-scratch food,  smashing the old notions of freezer -to- fryer cuisine in the university sector.

We know food.  We love food.  And were ready to serve ridiculously good food at your University.