Employee Reviews

The Unicorn of Food Service Jobs

College Chefs offers qualified chefs the ability to run their own kitchen, use creativity in planning menus while providing the best work/life balance I have ever been afforded in my 18+ years working in the culinary industry. Management is very accessible while allowing employees a true sense of freedom and autonomy. It's like a unicorn, mythical and glorious...except this job is real!

Love My Job!

I am able to focus on the food. Awesome hours. Awesome management and support. Vacation time is very generous. I love coming in to work every day.

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Great for Chefs

This is a great company for chefs as most of the people that you will work with have a lot of experience in the restaurant world or at least a real food background lets just say. My direct manager was chef for a country club for over a decade.

Best Job Ever!!!

I love my job, and would not say anything bad about College Chefs. The opportunity that they have afforded me cannot be matched. The work environment is great. The management staff is fantastic, and extremely helpful.

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