Work at College Chefs

If you’re a Chef looking for something a little different, why not give College Chefs a try?  We think that you’ll love the freedom the job allows.  

Are you looking for a Sous Chef, Kitchen Assistant, or Dishwasher position?  We think you'll love us too!

College Chefs is not interested in institutional, cafeteria-style food. We serve fresh, high-quality food every day. For examples of the quality of our food, check out our Facebook page.  Meet some of our staff at our Blog to see the quality people we are looking for:  Click Here.  If you are interested in making this sort of food and joining this sort of company, please read on.

Our Chefs undergo a rigorous hiring period, in part because we’re not interested in hiring a new Chef for the same house every year. We like to keep our people around. One way we help to ensure that we is to put a lot of importance on the hiring process. Here’s what we are looking for in all new Chefs:


  • A culinary degree or other classical training. All of our Chefs are trained professionals. If you don’t have a formal culinary degree, but do have years of experience, you are still encouraged to apply as we entertain all serious applicants.
  • Love cooking from scratch. We don’t want our Chefs to be glued to a recipe book on the job. For that reason, we hire Chefs who understand the science of food. If you cook pretty much everything from taste alone, you’re probably all set.
  • A great personality. This is at the very least as important as culinary skill. At College Chefs you won’t be stuck in the kitchen with no one around you. You’ll be interacting with customers on a daily basis. For that reason, having a welcoming, affable personality is an absolute must.
  • Drug free. This is kind of a given. We have drug tested Chefs during the hiring process and reserve the right to drug-test at any time. College Chefs operates under a zero tolerance policy for illegal drug usage.
  • A clean background. We also run background checks on all of our staff through a company called Private Eyes. If we find anything that would make us or our customers uncomfortable with placing you in the same house as fraternity/sorority members, we may refuse the hire.
  • ServSafe® Certification. We require all our of Head Chefs to be manager-level ServeSafe Certified (or state’s equivalent).

If you fit these criteria, here are some of the incredible benefits you’ll receive as a Chef for us.


  • Highly competitive pay.
  • 401K Options
  • Free PPACA Health Care Benefits
  • Major Medical Health Insurance available
  • Dental Insurance available
  • Up to six weeks paid vacation so long as you complete academic year.
  • Very few night or weekend shifts. In many cases, there are none.
  • Time off for most holidays.
  • You’ll have a life outside the kitchen. No 60-70 hour work weeks. We’ve all been there in the food industry. Fortunately, you won’t go there again if you work with us.
  • Write your own menus. You’ll have the freedom to experiment with whatever you’d like. Write your own menu, cook the food that you and your clients love.

Ready to get started? Click the links below. We’ll get back to you if we have opportunities and we like what we see.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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