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College Chefs prides itself on the quality of our chefs, ingredients, process, and the food that results.

Grass-fed, free-range, non-gmo, farm-to-table


Grass-Fed, Free-Range, Non-GMO, Farm-to-Table

College Chefs was founded on the principals of using fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch in an effort to minimize the use of processed & frozen foods. We are not tied to any specific vendor or distributor as most of our chefs have access to multiple vendors to ensure that we can get the best quality products & ingredients. As a matter of fact, nationwide we currently work with about 40 different vendors — most of which are smaller, local produce companies.

We desire to go beyond simply fresh & from-scratch to embrace the real food movement. Are you interested in grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, non-GMO, and/or farm-to-table centered mealplans for your students? So are we!

As a team of classically-trained chefs, for many of us it is simply our passion to be at the forefront of the real food movement.

If your organizations is looking for a meal plan that eliminates GMOs, uses strictly grass-fed, free-range, and/or organic ingredients, at a premium we can do that in most parts of the country — just ask and we'd be happy to share more details!

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Each one of our locations has a customized menu created for that organization's specific tastes and needs--and a new, unique menu is created every week.   We do NOT put our customers on a menu rotation. Typically, our locations will go the whole year without receiving the same meal twice!

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