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Chef LaTonya Wells: Her Passion for Bringing Joy to Others

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We’re showing off a Chef that radiates joy, laughter and even occasionally breaks into song: Chef LaTonya Wells. We chat about the lifestyle of a Sorority and Fraternity Chef, dive into how she fell in love with cooking and explore why she’s so passionate about what she does.

“With [the students we serve] going to college, you know, they’re elevating their minds. But we are too, in the background, elevating their pallets and introducing them to new things. I think it’s brilliant” - Chef LaTonya.
Chef LaTonya

Exploring New Cultures

Growing up cooking with her Grandmother instilled a passion that would last a lifetime! A self proclaimed “City Girl,” food allowed her to explore cultures and point of views that were outside of her immediate environment. Her mind was blown! She’s been able to serve that same experience of exploration to students who have been online schooling during the past year.

“Food is universal. No matter what language you speak, you understand food” - Chef LaTonya.

Connecting with Others

You’ll immediately recognize what a lively personality Chef LaTonya has. In a typical restaurant job, the chef ends up stuck, sweating in the back of house. Working in the Sorority and Fraternity Industry has allowed LaTonya (and many other College Chefs) to interact with the members they are serving and foster that human connection we all value.

A mother of 7 (yes you read that right!), she translates her nurturing instinct from her family to anyone who has the pleasure to eat her food.

“When you go into these houses, you [...] become family with members. It’s really a passion. We really work hard [...] because we want to be there! You want to see the looks on peoples faces when they eat your food. It’s an AMAZING feeling” -Chef LaTonya.

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