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Fresh and Fun: Your Guide to the Grocery Store

Selecting key fresh ingredients will either set you up for success orr…. ordering pizza delivery tonight instead.

fresh food in grocery store
Photographer: ja ma | Source: Unsplash

Fuel your body, fuel your mind, fuel your spirit! Your nutrition is the foundation of your health and wellbeing. Entering a grocery store with bountiful shelves can be exciting and overwhelming. As chefs, this is where our culinary process beings; selecting fresh ingredients at local markets or vendors.

Major Key

Secure the perimeter. Most grocery stores are set up with the freshest ingredients along the perimeter of the store, while the internal aisles are saved for shelf stable/ processed/ pre packaged goods. If you no nothing about us yet, know we value fresh, from scratch food and the positive impact it can have on your mind and body.

Bonus Reward

Real, whole foods tend to have a lower carbon footprint than processed alternatives.

fresh market
Photographer: Renate Vanaga | Source: Unsplash

Live Colorfully!

We’ve all heard to fill our plate with a rainbow of colors. Yes, this is aesthetically more enjoyable, BUT it’s also amazing for your health. The pigment that gives produce its beautiful color, reflects a nutrient profile stacked with vitamins and minerals. Dark leafy greens? Looking at you essential B Vitamins. Deep purples found in berries? A sign of high antioxidants. Vibrant orange? Displaying Vitamin A.

Make Conscious Choices.

Protein is a vital part of the diet. When choosing to consume animal proteins, opt for locally sourced grass-fed, free-range, wiled, organic, sustainably caught, ethically sourced, etc. Basically, our advice isn’t changing here. Opt for the least processed options. Rotate your protein options to include plant-based options such as lentils or legumes to reduce environmental impact and inflammation in the body.

Dang, That’s Phat!

Healthy fats are also integral to a balanced meal and key to provide the body with the Omega’s. Avoid processed vegetable or canola oils. Reach for oil or avocado oil when cooking. Use raw seeds as a garnish on top. Incorporate nuts and nut butters in creative ways!

fresh bowl with avocado and quinoa
Photographer: Sonny Mauricio | Source: Unsplash

Who’s got bread?

Spoiler alert: our grocery advice when it comes to carbs isn’t changing. Minimally processed is good! Packaged with a shelf life of 10 years? Not so good. Make choices in grains based on what looks the most similar to how it appears naturally in nature. Wild rice, steal cut oats, quinoa, etc are awesome options and a great supply of fibre.

Last but Not Least!

Choosing the freshest ingredients, will bring more vibrant flavors and textures to your meals. This advice when shopping won’t just affect the health of your body, but with out a doubt, it will improve the flavors of your meals. Every house needs a good foundation. Build yours with the freshest ingredients you can find and you’re sure to win!

Photographer: Somi Jaiswal | Source: Unsplash
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