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Real Recognize Real: Celebrating Teresa Marcotte

Let’s Hear It For Teresa!

This week’s blog is a Teresa appreciation post! We don’t even need to say how COVID has been a crazy time for everyone. Through these challenges, we saw so many people in our community step up and excel. Teresa, who works as our Accounting Assistant, is one of those people!

“Teresa is a great co-worker, super friendly and a great team player. She is not the kind of person that just comes to work and does her job and goes home, she participates with everyone outside of work, whether it's a fundraiser like Raise the Woof or just hanging out on a happy hour Zoom. I'm also pretty sure her soon to be husband is an honorary College Chefs employee, at least a social one. Teresa brings new ideas to the table and isn't afraid to speak up and ask questions which is so important in a company like this one.” -Heather Miller, HR
photo of teresa

Excelling at Work

She took on more responsibilities during the pandemic and has taken initiative to improve processes within the company and efficiencies in her own role. She’s not afraid to share new ideas for other departments, not directly related to her day-to-day job.

If you haven’t caught our vibe yet, the culinary world is full of twists and turns and passionate people. In this industry it’s important to think on your feet and adapt to changes, even if you're where near the kitchen!

As a big picture thinker and dependable individual, Teresa is an amazing asset to our team. Her light hearted personality is expressed through meme’s she shares alongside expense reminders.

“Teresa is a Rockstar! There are some tricks to working with Teresa that did not take long to figure out. She is easily persuaded with Mt. Dew and Taco Bell, she is a sucker for these treats. Her willingness to take on extra duties in such a crazy year, is the epitome of our company’s culture. I am very thankful to be able to work with Teresa.” -Taylor, Controller

More to the Story

...and that’s just her at work! An amazing caregiver of a big puppy, Ellie. She is soon to be married to her husband Michael, who is currently serving in the army.

Teresa is from the small town of Arco, Idaho, where its only claim to fame is that it was the first city in the world lit by atomic power. She has a wide variety of experience that attributes to her skills as the College Chefs Accounting Assistant. She earned a Bachelor's in Sign Language Interpreting and Deaf Studies from MacMurray College. Later she discovered her love of budgets and decided to explore areas of accounting. She has recently taken up riding a Harley Davidson and also runs her own craft business on the side.

An amazing person, inside and out. We’re so thankful to have her as part of the College Chefs team!

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