To sum up our food in a simple hashtag, we do #CoolFood.

Cool Food is simple, relatable, fresh food, done with a “chefy” twist. Gone are the days of college kids eating processed slop. No boring, repeated menu cycle either. But, we also aren’t here to provide a delicate fine dining experience. Our chefs provide a variety of cool meals that students are sure to love.

We Cater to Your Specific Needs

Communication is Key!

A selected student or “College Chefs Ambassador” and the Chapter's Chef have a weekly menu meeting to discuss previous and future meals. Students and Chefs get on the same page about Chapter likes, dislikes, and new foods for the house to try. We’ve found this system works very well! 

Concerned about dietary restrictions, allergies, or just generally picky eaters? We have chefs that can handle it all. Now look, will every student get exactly every meal they wanted every single day of the year? Well maybe, but probably not. But when it comes to health and food safety, you’ll never have to worry once we’re aware.

*Check out our social media @collegechefs to see the #CoolFood created around the country every day!

The work culture was great. I was given lots of creative freedom. Good work and life balance. Good insurance benefits.Lots of paid days off and good support from management.


Executive Chef (Former Employee)

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