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Does College Chefs do special events?

Of course! Not only do we do them but we do them extremely well. Whether you are looking for something eccentric and budget is not an issue or something that is simple, inexpensive, yet still delicious, we have options that we can present to you. We have a Special Events coordinator on staff to help with such functions.

Can we skip a meal for special events?

Yes!  We work with each chapter's situation individually and are very flexible, as long as we know in advance. We offer a fixed rate for lunch and dinner skips that can be put towards Special Events or Special Dinners. This does have to be the entire chapter skipping the meal, not just a few members. Our Special Events coordinator would be happy to answer any questions or discuss your options.  Send an email to SpecialEvents@collegechefs.com with your chapter's name and your campus in the subject line.

What happens if the chef is sick or cannot make it to work?

College Chefs guarantees service. We assign all of our houses a Regional Director, Regional Executive Chef, and Account Manager as well as Swing Chefs to handle such issues. Worst case, we can always cater in food.

Do you have any no-contract options?

Most of our contracts are a one year contract or more.  At the same time, we are very flexible and will work with the chapter to make the appropriate changes/decision.

Do you 1099 your staff?

Never.  All of our employees are W2 employees.  While other companies have and still do 1099 employees, we have not nor ever will. This is a huge liability to the chapter and the meal service provider.

Where do you hire your chefs?

We are always actively searching for qualified, classically trained chefs, who have either graduated from culinary school or have been an apprentice to a classical trained Chef. We have multiple partnerships that allow us to have a very broad reach.  

Do you do background checks?

Yes we conduct our own duediligence on everyone we hire including reference checks. We also outsource to a background check service called Private Eyes.

What if we don’t like the chef?

Communication is key.  As long as we know about it, we can coach that chef up, or find a better-fit chef for your Chapter if necessary.  Each Chapter has an assigned Regional Director, Regional Executive Chef, Account Manager, and assign students College Chefs Ambassador to make sure the service is superior.

Can we try the food before we enlist College Chefs?

We would love to have your HCB and Student Exec board come over to one of our chapters to try out a meal or two. We encourage it! Reach out to your Account Manager to schedule this.

Do you bill the students directly or the chapter?

We do not bill the students directly. We are typically paid by either the Housing Corp Board or the chapter itself.  We also encourage the HCB to create a nest egg and charge a bit more than we do in situations where dishes go missing or equipment breaks(very typical in our industry)

Do you offer partial mealplans?

Yes we do.  We offer Lunch/Dinner only plans, as well as a certain amount of meals per week that is prorated based off the primary meal plan rate. 


I’d like to give a shout out to the amazing chefs at Delta Zeta at the University of Florida! Thank you so much Chef Mike and John you guys are the best always making sure us girls are satisfied with our meals as well as caring toward all of us individually! I have never once come into the kitchen without being asked how my day is, thank you for always putting a smile on my face!


University of Florida

Chef Mike, Chef John, Chef Josh and Chef Rose at Delta Zeta at the University of Florida are amazing!! All of the girls love them because they are so friendly to all of us. Chef Josh makes the best vegan food I’ve ever tasted. Chef Mike found out that we wanted better coffee and he did a tasting for all of us to decide which new brand we would order! We love our chefs!


University of Florida

The chefs at Delta Gamma at the University of Oklahoma cooked an 11/10 dinner tonight. As requested, we were served chicken fried steak fingers, green bean casserole, corn bread and mashed potatoes!! The chefs have really stepped up this year and are serving delicious meals around the clock. Chef Jon is AWESOME and takes what we want into consideration. happy DG gals!!


University of Oklahoma

Mark and Anthony at Texas Sigma Chi are exceptional chefs. A huge draw is the presentation they go into each day when presenting the food. They can cook meals with huge amount of preparation for tons of guys and do so with smiles. Also, the honey butter biscuits are stellar!


University of Texas

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