Project 2020

It’s hard to believe that the year 2020 is just around the corner.  At College Chefs we have already accomplished many great things when it comes to the people, the food, and the service.  

Whether it is providing total culinary freedom to Chefs and competitive pay while offering a family-friendly work schedule; or utilizing local produce, grass-fed beef, and minimizing the usage of processed foods; or donating to chapter philanthropies twice per year and providing online access to all chapter menus; we are proud of where we’ve come from.  

The ridiculous amount of 5-star reviews from our customers AND employees tell us we are the leader in this industry.  As far as 5-star ratings go, no other company comes close.  These achievements are probably what has lead us to be the largest food service in the country for fraternities & sororities even if that was never our goal.  

But we are not yet satisfied with where we are.

We wish to continue pushing the envelope when it comes to our people including paid leave for expectant parents, adoptive parents, and LGBT families; moving to 100% organic produce, and near 100% for grass-fed beef & free-range chicken; and reducing chapter waste by providing reusable Late Plate containers and implementing chapter-wide recycling programs.

Below are a list of feats that we have already accomplished as well as goals we have yet to accomplish -- but will by 2020.  


The People:
Currently we...

  • Embrace culinary freedom:  Offer menu freedom to Chefs.  No corporate menu rotations.

  • Provide dependable, full-time jobs to all employees.  

  • Health benefits:  Offer a free PPACA health plan to all employees.

  • Offer affordable health insurance to employees’ families.

  • Offer affordable dental insurance options to all employees.

  • Pay ALL staff over the Fall, Winter, and Spring Breaks (providing equivalent of 4-6 weeks of paid vacation), provided that they agree to complete the academic year.   

  • Provide a 401k retirement plan and make it available to all staff.

  • Offer a family-friendly work schedule that is nothing like the meat-grinder that is the restaurant industry.

  • Pay a Chef wage that is in line with the national average while offering a superior quality of life to the traditional restaurant grind.

  • Employ more female chefs than the national average.

    By 2020, we will...

  • Offer 6 weeks of paid maternity leave to all expectant mothers after 1-year of employment.

  • Offer 2 weeks of paid paternity leave to all expectant fathers after 1-year of employment.

  • Offer adopting parents and LGBT families similar parental leave benefits.

  • Pay salaries that are 20% higher than the median national hourly chef wage.

  • Employ female chefs in management exceeding the national average.

  • Offer summer employment opportunities to all staff.

  • Provide culinary continuing education options for all staff and management by leveraging existing and new relationships with culinary schools.  

  • Gift a rockstar “vacation for two” to all employees after 5 years of service.  Starting with the sixth year of employment and repeat every 2 years, into eternity.  What we mean is we will actually buy them a ‘trip to paradise’ every 2 years and force them to take it.   We think this is legal.   


The Food:

Currently we...

  • Reduce the usage of processed food products to a minimum.

  • Cook from scratch using real ingredients made by Mother Nature.

  • Serve Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef in most markets as a complement to the menu.

  • Local produce:  Use local produce vendors in all markets.

  • Utilize hormone free chicken in all houses

  • Eliminate the use of all artificial sweeteners (with the exception of Stevia) in food preparation.  

    By 2020, we will...

  • Organic produce:  Replace 100% of the Terrible 20 produce with Organics

  • Utilize Grass Fed, Grass Finished beef in 90% of houses and as a staple to the menu.

  • 100% Antibiotic Free, Humanely raised Chicken on our menus

The Service:

Currently we...

  • Create a custom menu for each chapter -- no corporate menu rotations.

  • Donate to chapter philanthropies at least once per semester.

  • Allow students to access their menus online.

  • Offer a free app to request Late Plates and other interactive eating functions.

  • Offer natural flavored waters as an alternative to sugary drinks at no additional cost to all chapters.

  • Execute routine, anonymous customer surveys multiple times per academic year.

    By 2020, we will...

  • Offer reusable Late Plate containers to all chapters to reduce and eliminate unnecessary waste.

  • Offer all chapters that wish to use it a free meal check-in system to monitor and track meal attendance.

  • Recycle 100% of cardboard, plastics, and other waste that is readily recyclable by creating an all-house recycling program.

  • Partner with chapters to create a practical and safe on-site composting system.

  • Have an all-encompassing online customer portal where chapter leadership can pay bills, verify meal attendance projections, implement number changes, cancel meals (for future meal skip credit), plan special events, etc.


These goals we’ve set forth are not easy to put into practice, but they are achievable.  We will continue to confront our own challenges and raise the bar we have set.  If we strive to push the envelope for bettering our people, our food, and our service, we will continue to blaze a trail and widen our position as an industry leader.