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Running your fraternity or sorority can be an extremely challenging yet rewarding experience. Besides the young men or women themselves that you bring into your organization, one of the most significant aspects of your organization is the food service.

There are many different routes to go when it comes to the chapter’s food service. You can go it alone and try and hire your own staff with the hopes that your selected staff will be a homerun and remain a part of the chapter for years to come.

This is a great idea on concept but risky nonetheless; no doubt many chapters share the legend of that cook or chef that has been a mainstay in the house for literally decades. Obviously, there are risks in going this route and given today’s challenges regarding culinary tastes & changing demands of students, challenges attaining & managing staff, and general day-to-day management, it’s not surprising that this route is less and less a chosen path by leading organizations.


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Chef Kevin Gadus

Founder & Owner

Kevin Gadus graduated from the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago before going on to gain over twenty years-worth of culinary experience. He’s a former restaurant owner and a Certified Executive Chef. He started College Chefs in 2008 in an effort to deliver a higher quality food to the nation’s youth than had previously been on the market

The team? Oh yeah, most of us are chefs too. So we get it. Many of us have actually worked in College Chefs kitchens, as well as many restaurant kitchens around the world. We love food and we’re dedicated to providing top notch service to our chapters all year around.

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